The Sacred Lotus

Contact: Christina Tatevossian, M.A. Counseling Psychology
Phone: 626-524-1100
Holding an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, founder Christina Tatevossian is passionate about bringing alternative and holistic psychological approaches to her clients. As such, The Sacred Lotus is a very East meets West approach to Psychology, Counseling, Life Coaching and Soul-Centered Healing. With over 20 years of counseling and coaching experience Christina works directly with each client, dedicated to their specific needs. Each client is taught skills that they can use daily to foster and educate themselves to further their individual life’s goals. Through coaching and the healing arts Christina’s clients have been encourage to embrace change, jump over life’s hurdles, reject negative self-talk and let go of fear and anxiety that inhibit one’s growth potential. ​Christina has helped her clients overcome obstacles to living the life they want. Her practice combines mindfulness, somatic psychology, and the latest techniques on the body/mind connection. “We know now from years of research in the field of Psychology and Physiology that mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness are all interconnected. It is with working to align these areas together that one can achieve happiness, wellness, success and transformation. It is with compassion, humor, and tears of joy in a safe, loving and nurturing space that one can achieve their goals. Life coaching is just that - coaching one through life and the freedom from the past and the release from those chains.” Christina has worked with adults, couples, children, teens, corporations and celebrity clients helping each to find their unique path to fulfillment and happiness.